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SixFiveOne Productions is composed of Jack Caughey and John TerEick, who founded the production company in 2011.


John lays claim to the "creative" side and often takes the role of Writer and Director.


Jack primarily handles the "business" side of things in addition to being the Director of Cinematography and primary Editor.


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Jack Caughey




The "651", otherwise known as the Northeastern suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul in Minnesota is where Jack and John met, grew up, and produce videos today!



Jack and John have been making movies together since age 11.


After playing around with a cheap camcorder for a little while, Jack and John formed "Marvelous Movies" and created dozens of short films for fun and to share with their friends and family.


In 2005, Jack and John made their first "long film". At 13 minutes long, "The Living Nighmare" was a hit. They decided to enter it into a local film festival called "The Oil Can Film Festival". There were over 20 applicants (all over the age of 18, with the exception of these 12 year olds) and 5 were choosen to be shown at the Mueller Family White Bear Township Theatre for the festival. "The Living Nightmare" was one of those 5. This was their first breakthrough.


Since 2005, Jack and John have continued to make short, entertaining films for fun, school events, vacations, various teams and activities, and much more.


As Jack and John were preparing to move into college in the Spring of 2011, they decided to ramp things up a few notches and have now created SixFiveOne Productions to produce high quality, high def, entertaining and meaningful films for various audiences.


On June 13th, 2011, SixFiveOne Productions had their first premiere. "What Lies in Difference" was premiered at the Riverview Theatre in Minneapolis, MN.


Since 2011, SixFiveOne Productions has continued to create short films and has been making films for clients, ranging from weddings to church and school events to commercials.




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