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SixFiveOne Productions T-Shirt

Sizes Available: S,M,L


Get your own SixFiveOne Productions T-Shirt!


T-Shirts are a heathered blue color with the SixFiveOne Productions logo on the front and the website address on the back.


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$17.00 + $5.00(shipping)


What Lies in Difference DVD

Running Time: 40min


"What Lies in Difference" follows the stories of 3 high school students who are labeled as "different" and shows how they suffer through life experiences. In the end, acceptance and tolerance save them and allow them to live a better life. Read more here.


DVD Includes:
The Film 
-"What Lies in Difference"
Bonus Features
-"The Making of What Lies in Difference"
-Theatrical Trailer
-Blooper Reel

Scene Selection


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$12.00 + $5.00(shipping)





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